Did You Know The Vector W8's Interior Is Delightfully Nuts?

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The Vector W2 was still a concept car but was driven a lot by Gerald for press shows and supposedly racked over 100,000+ miles and got. The most normal part of this interior would be the.

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2015.05.29 Exotic and Rare Cars Vector W2 Twin Turbo (1980) The Vector concept evolved into the all-American supercar by 1977. An unspecified V-8 engine would produce between 600 and 800 horsepower and would be able to propel the car to 200 mph. The car was touted to have the best of everything.

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Designed and built entirely in the United States, the nearly $300,000 W8 ticked every box on the high-performance checklist: a semimonocoque chassis, a mid-engine architecture, scissors doors, and a top speed claimed to be north of 200 mph.

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The interior is reminiscent of an airplane cockpit, with a digital computer screen and numerous instruments highlighted by an Airpath compass and Hobbs hours counter. Additionally, it features Recaro Classic seats, digital climate control, and a Sony stereo with cassette and 10-disc CD paired to a/d/s speakers.

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The Vector W2 was a fully functional concept car intended for production constructed by Vector Motors in 1978. It had a Bosch fuel injected twin-turbocharged 350 cid (5.7 L) aluminum Chevrolet V8 engine that produced over 600 hp (450 kW) and over 600 ft·lbf (800 N·m) of torque. [1] The top speed was a claimed 242 mph (389 km/h). [2]

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Vector W8, W2, AWX-3. Vector W8 (1990). The interior featured 4 electroluminescent displays like aircraft… Outside, Wiegert gave it an exotic shape that eclipsed even a Lamborghini Countach - low, wide, wedgy and scissors doors, it had everything needed to appeal to millionaires. Its name was self-explained from its vector shape.

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Author Richard Dredge Vector W2 Share this page: The Vector W2 was a unique prototype that led to the Vector W8 production car Jerry Wiegert wasn't one to think small.

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The 1992 and 1993 Geneva Motor Show car. The only Vector WX-3 coupe prototype produced. Incredible 1,000-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine. Retained by company founder Jerry Wiegert. For Gerald "Jerry" Wiegert, the wedge-shaped Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars of the 1970s were more than a passing interest. After completing his studies at the Art.

Vector W8 History, Specifications, Performance, & More

Wool carpeting, suede and leather upholstery completed the lavish interior, and the dashboard eerily resembled typical fighter jet controls. At a price tag of $455,000, seventeen W8's were built for public sale. Vector W8. Pawel Litwinski ©2014 Courtesy of RM Auctions. This sounds like a recipe for a car worthy of generational legends, right?

Did You Know The Vector W8's Interior Is Delightfully Nuts?

This was one of my hottest dreams in the early Eighties: Extreme wedge shape and a raw attitude in design, tremendous power and performance and put in the world by a highly dedicated aviation enthusiast - but the Vector never really took off. To me the real Vector is the car here, above and below:

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The Vector W2 concept car was built with the sole purpose of making an "aero-mobile.". Gerald Wiegert designed the W2 to resemble a low-flying fighter jet, with its aggressively flattened roofline, an almost flat windscreen, and a wedge-shaped narrow front end that widened as it moved towards the front fenders.

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1973→1989 Vector W2 Prototype In Detail submitted by anonymous production years 1973 - 1989 released at 1973 built at california production 15 price $ $ $ 150,000 engine chevy V8 position mid engine aspiration twin turbo fuel feed fuel injection displacement 6000 cc / 366.14 in³ bore 101.6 mm / 4 in stroke 92.2 mm / 3.6 in compression 8.1:1 power 600 kw / 804.6 bhp @ 5700 rpm torque 580.

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The Vector W2 is a concept automobile with the primary purpose of producing an "aero-mobile." Gerald Wiegert designed the W2 to seem like a low-flying fighter plane, with its sharply flattened roofline, almost flat windshield, and a wedge-shaped narrow front end that expanded as it approached towards the front fenders.

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1979 Vector W2 Twin Turbo.. digital screen interior, and 600-hp twin-turbocharged mid-engine power. By the early '90s, as the automobile industry began to emerge from the doldrums, and cars.

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Vector W2 Interior The W2 sold for an asking price of $150,000, in todays money, that is the equivalent of $350,000. With such a steep price, it was difficult for Wiegart to find buyers. However, he maintained his price, noting that it was needed for further development of future models.

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What engine is in Vector W2 ? The Vector W2 has a V 8, Petrol engine with 5980 cm3 / 364.9 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 1980 Vector W2 have? The 1980 Vector W2 has 600 PS / 592 bhp / 441 kW. How much does a Vector W2 weighs? The Vector W2 weighs 1260 Kg / 2778 lbs. Is Vector W2 All Wheel Drive (AWD)?

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