Speed Demon 403mph run at Bonneville Speed Week 2016 YouTube

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Speed Demon is a land speed racing car built in 2010 by Ron Main for George Poteet . In September 2010, George Poteet made a serious attempt to break the flying mile and flying kilometer record for piston-engined wheel-driven cars. Speed Demon is powered by a 299 cu in (4,900 cc) aluminum block 'Hellfire' V8, built by Kenny Duttweiler. [1]

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World's Fastest Piston Powered Vehicle, Speed Demon #715, Piloted by George Poteet, runs a Qualifying speed of 469mph on Wednesday August12th, with an Exit speed of 477mph. The Thursday.

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The Speed Demon Team (apologies to Julius Caesar) 470.015-mph two-way average. That's the new two-way SCTA Bonneville Speed Week 2020 record for a piston-driven ground vehicle. 481.576 mph.

Original speed demon The first car to hit 100km/h

Speed Demon continues to hold its record as the world's fastest Piston Driven, Wheel Driven car with a 481.576-mph top speed reached at Bonneville Speed Week in 2020. Congratulations to.

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Just in case, here's a quick refresher - 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque from a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 running on 100-octane race fuel. -to-60 mph in 2.3 seconds. 200 pounds.

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Speed Demon Drivers Gallery Videos Merchandise Book George Poteet and the Speed Demon team have been smashing records at Bonneville since 2010. The Speed Demon car competes in a variety of classes each year with an assortment of engines to set records across many classes.

The Speed Demon streamliner world's fastest pistonpowered car

The car that had the best chance of challenging Speed Demon for the Hot Rod trophy was Ed Umland's bare aluminum B/BGS streamliner. The sleek and polished car uses a turbocharged 427 LS V-8 and all four wheels to scrabble for traction on the salt. With a short course, it could perhaps accelerate harder and take the win from the perennial.

Original speed demon The first car to hit 100km/h

The team's entry, the Speed Demon 715, clocked 333.360 mph on the salt surface of Bonneville, making it the fastest piston-engine, wheel-driven vehicle in the world. There is an emphasis on piston.

Speed Demon 403mph run at Bonneville Speed Week 2016 YouTube

The Speed Demon has consistently been the fastest, most resilient traditionally powered car in land speed racing history, and 2020's Speed Week proved it.. FIA 458.440 mph world land speed record set in 2001 by Don Vesco's Turbinator — a turbine-powered, wheel-driven car. The Speed Demon is unique. It is a single-engine car driven only.

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1 History 1.1 Cars on the Road 1.1.1 Salt Fever 2 Physical description 3 Gallery 4 Names in other languages 5 Trivia History Cars on the Road Salt Fever In the third episode of Cars on the Road, Salt Fever, the Speed Demon is first mentioned by the Salt Flats worker when Lightning and Mater arrive to the area.

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This week, 71-year old George Poteet set a new record for the world's fastest piston-powered vehicle, with a 470.016mph (756km/h) average during the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) Speed Week on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. Gallery 1 The previous record holder was Danny Thompson, to the tune of 448.75mph in 2018.


The new Speed Demon has reestablished its dominance, having raised the AA/BFS record to more than 470 mph with a terminal speed of 481 mph in 2020. It is the only piston-powered car currently capable of challenging the 500 mph barrier. Speed Demon.

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Speed Demon is the fastest piston-driven car on Earth On August 14, 2020, the southern-California-based Speed Demon team set a new record for piston-engine vehicles at the Bonneville Salt.

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Speed Demon is a mutant muscle car that turns whoever drives him into a mutant driver that is thirsty for high speed. The concept art and 3D model for Donnie's possessed form was revealed at the October 2014 New York Comic Convention panel. The Croaking - At the end of the episode, we see a purple muscle car passing through the Punk Frogs' sacred Mutagen that Rasputin had lost during the Punk.

The Speed Demon streamliner world's fastest pistonpowered car

The Speed Demon team has replaced its old conventional welded-together intercooler assembly (A) with a new modular, bolt-together assembly (B, below) Another innovation is the custom-made Visner billet oval-shaped throttlebody and hump-roof billet intake, its shape and airflow characteristics similar to the highly effective giant air scoops used on Pro Mod cars.

The Speed Demon streamliner world's fastest pistonpowered car

Speed Demon is a land speed racing car built in 2010 by Ron Main for George Poteet.

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