Richard Petty and Ford Call Out Hellcats With Mustang GT King Edition

Gather 'Round the Petersen With The King Richard Petty's 80th

Richard Petty stands beside his 1957 Oldsmobile before the first Daytona 500 in 1959. Cars from the NASCAR Convertible Division competed alongside hardtops; Petty dropped out with engine.

Gather 'Round the Petersen With The King Richard Petty's 80th

posted on 19 Apr 16 Richard Petty had never raced anything but a Chrysler product up to this point in his career. His team had built the most sophisticated Plymouths in NASCAR, but due to their poor aerodynamics he was only able to finish third in the 1968 championship.

2016 Richard Petty Edition Mustang GT Convertible Is New

Date: Feb. 28, 1960 Race: No title. Track: Southern States Fairgrounds, .5-mile dirt track in Charlotte, N.C. Notable: Petty won in his 35th career start in NASCAR's premier series, collecting.

IMG_1719 Richard Petty's 1969 Ford Torino kotenberger Flickr

NASCAR legend Richard Petty manages to keep busy these days. He has his own shop and museum, and, as expected, still loves to drive. That's why in 2015 he had a one-off Ford Mustang GT built,.

1969 Ford Torino GT Richard Petty 428 Cobre Jet Lease with Premier

7. Richard Petty switched to Ford. After a disappointing 1968 season - at least by his own lofty standards - Hall of Famer Richard Petty (2010) shocked the racing world by signing a one-year deal to drive a new, limited-edition Ford Torino Talladega for 1969. Petty's defection would directly lead to the aero wars between Ford and Chrysler.

Richard petty 1969 ford torino

Before coming to terms with Ford in 1969, Richard Petty dominated the 1960s in an underpowered Plymouth. Crazy, right? What's more crazy is that the roof was not what the other drivers on the.

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Richard Petty left Chrysler for a one-year fling with a Ford Factory program and the Ford Torino Cobra in 1969. RacingOne // Getty Images The backstory with Petty goes something like this:

Richard Petty and Ford Call Out Hellcats With Mustang GT King Edition

Richard Petty was in that first race in 1959, when NASCAR left the old beach course to run on a 2 1/2-mile, high-banked super speedway tri-oval. He didn't do too well as the engine in his Olds.

2016 Richard Petty Edition Mustang GT Convertible Is New

This Holman and Moody Ford Torino raced at Riverside and won on February 1, 1969. Soon after this, at Daytona the Ford Talladega would replace the standard bodied Torino Cobra. Petty won 10 races in 1969, one less than Pearson's 11. Aerodynamics was beginning to become more and more important.

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Born in North Carolina in 1937, the son of three-time NASCAR Grand National champion driver Lee Petty, Richard spent his childhood growing up around cars. Life in the Petty household was surrounded by repairing, building and ultimately racing cars. He first sat behind the wheel of an old 1938 Ford pickup when he was just eight years old.

Richard Petty and his favorite race car Nascar race cars, Race cars

Petty turns 80 on July 2, amid his 59th NASCAR season of driving or ownership. He has been exclusively with Ford since 2009. But there was a time when Plymouth, Ford and Dodge bid for Petty's.

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Richard Petty has led a life rich in NASCAR history. Scroll through to look back at key moments in The King's incredible life and career. 2 of 50 Photo by ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images.

That Time Richard Petty Forsook Plymouth for Ford

The Richard Petty Tribute Challenger didn't start life as a convertible. The top was chopped by Drop Top Customs, along with other body modifications like the low-cut Superbird-style trunk, before the exterior was finished in Petty Blue.. Ford and Carroll Shelby were enjoying the afterglow of winning Le Mans with the big-block GT40 in 1966.

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Richard Petty sat inside a Ford for one year to gain a competitive edge. Ford introduced the Ford Torino Talladega, a stock car that had better aerodynamics that made it excel at super speedways. Plymouth's design at the time wasn't very aerodynamic and Chrysler wouldn't provide him with one of their competitive Dodge Daytona cars. So.

Richard Petty 43 Ford Torino 1969 Daytona 500 Photograph by David

Richard Petty Is Auctioning a 750-HP Ford F-150 'Warrior Edition' for Disabled Veterans. This is a rare opportunity for a civilian to buy this special truck that's exclusively for active.

Richard Petty Ford Mustang King Petty Edition Liveries

We take a look at the short-lived drag racing career of Richard Petty, who skipped racing in the 1965 NASCAR season and built a 426 Hemi-powered Barracuda.

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