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February 24, 2022. 213 Views. Rat Rod motorcycle is in fact an old, modified bike that has been painted with a matte finish (usually black or gray) and may include rust or dents. The motorcycle includes features like chopper handlebars, which are usually too wide for the body of the bike. Usually, this type of Motorcycle will not have any front.

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The Best of Rat Rod and Steampunk Motorcycles! JAWA TINO 420K subscribers Subscribe 5.4K 1.6M views 6 years ago Rat Rod and Steampunk Custom Bikes! - The best of! Many thanks to all bikers and.

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The general design of the rat rod bike is as follows: The central part of the rat rod chopper is its frame, this is generally a stretched frame low to the ground that has a high section for the gas tank in front of the seating area with the gas tank sitting under the top of the frame. The back wheel is very close to the frame and sits right.

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Rat bikes are a superb example of dismissed inhibition. To be dubbed such, a motorcycle must have about it an air of chaos. There are no rules (although cleaning is generally frowned upon). A rat bike does not merely reflect the singularity of its rider, though. It's a culmination of all the places it has been and the people who have donated to it.

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Rat bikes are motorcycles that have fallen apart over time and have been kept on the road and maintained for little or no cost by employing kludge fixes and improvised repairs, with little or no consideration given to appearance. [1] [2] Rat-Look bikes are motorcycles that have been deliberately styled to look like ratbikes.

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Hodaka enthusiast Randy Smith gets some air on his heavily modified 1974 100cc Hodaka Super Rat at the Thayer MX held outside of Thayer, Mo.. Bike: 1974 100cc Hodaka Super Rat Owner: Randy Smith Location: Wakarusa, Kan. Occupation: Insurance agent Etc.: A true believer,Randy currently owns four Hodakas and competes regularly in vintage motocross. Why Hodaka motorcycles?

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"Rat Rod" Bikes vs. "Rat Bikes" Rat rod bikes are a cousin to rat bikes, a much more visually ugly subculture that's like the motorcycling equivalent of crust punk. Rat bikes are highly DIY and go out of their way to look disheveled. Most importantly, they're very cheaply maintained. via: The Travelin Gringo

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What is a Rat Rod Motorcycle? According to Hot Cars, Rat Rods are motorcycles that have an ugly visual appearance. They're comparable to the ripped and shredded jeans of the punk subculture in America. In some cases, the uglier the better but there are so many different versions of rat rods that you can't lump them into one category.

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Rat Rod and Steampunk Bikes. Steampunk is a retrofuturistic sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery โ€” this, coupled with the spirit of work-with-what-you-have and Rat Rod ingenuity make for some spectacular creations as evidenced in this compilation of custom motorcycle build ideasโ€ฆ

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EVER wondered what happens when you put an electric motorcycle motor into a rat rod? Well, one car fanatic has the answer. Rich Benoit, a YouTuber from Gloucester, Massachusetts, has created.

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Arguably the Super Rat of 1969, a focused, dirt-only machine based on the insanely popular Ace 90 and 100. It's a motorcycle that perhaps best embodies the characteristics of that mission.

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Follow Eric from FNA customs on Instagram!https://www.instagram.com/fnacustomcycles/https://fnacustomcycles.com/Check out the video on the Two Stroke H2 chop.

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Having a rat bike opens up those days and keeps your riding skills from totally atrophying. While some may choose an older standard-style street bike or even a streetfighter (get a rashed sport bike, strip off the fairings, add a higher handlebar) as a rat bike, In my view, the perfect rat bike is a small dual-sport.

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This Victory Gunner based rat rod has all the raw appeal of a classic American bobber. At the same time, it's been built for optimal sportbike performance. How did a custom motorcycle builder get his hands on a brand new Victory Gunner?

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