New Lotus Type 66 Is a TrackOnly Toy for the Rich That Looks at the Brand's Racing Past

New Lotus Type 66 Is a TrackOnly Toy for the Rich That Looks at the Brand's Racing Past

Published on February 10, 2022 Earlier this week, Lotus released a teaser image featuring a Can-Am racecar. Well, rumours suggest that the British sports car maker plans to introduce a new track car inspired by the Lotus Type 66 Can-Am. Little is known about Lotus' latest project. What we do know is that it will be an extremely low-volume offering.

Lotus working on a Type 66 CanAm inspired track car The Supercar Blog

08/25/2023 Lotus News In This Article Category: News Make: Lotus As part of Lotus' 75th anniversary this year, the brand released news of a limited-edition race car based on the Type 66, a design that came to fruition in the late- '60s with a dream to enter it in the 1970 Can-Am Series. The dream never came true but wasn't forgotten.

Lotus Gold Leaf Type 622 ‘Quail Edition by Radford23 Paul Tan's Automotive News

Debuting at Monterey Car Week earlier this year, the Lotus Type 66 is an absolute stunner. In recent years, the automaker has planted a flag in electrified performance, so the appearance of an.

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The Lotus Type 66 is a remarkable car that showcases Lotus's heritage and innovation. It is a car that revives a lost project from the 1960s and brings it to life with modern technology and.

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The Type 66 brings to life a 53-year-old 'lost Lotus' drawing board project, and combines it with today's state-of-the-art racing technology and components. With his eyes on the high-profile and commercially lucrative Can-Am Series, Lotus founder Colin Chapman tasked Team Lotus draughtsman Geoff Ferris to launch the Type 66 project to.

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Lotus reimagines the Type 66 CanAm car, 53 years after it was designed Hagerty Media

Heritage and Authenticity: Reviving a design that was shelved over half a century ago, the Type 66 embodies the spirit of Lotus' storied racing past.It's not just a car; it's a tangible piece of history reimagined. State-of-the-Art Engineering: Benefitting from modern advancements in aerodynamics, materials, and engineering, the car packs a more-than-impressive 830bhp and generates downforce.

Lotus Reveals Type 66, an Untouched 1970s CanAm Prototype that Never Hit the Racetrack Verve

Lotus 1960-1969: Type 18 to Type 66. The Sixties saw Colin Chapman's persistent combination of dedication, design skill and astute commercialism, bring Lotus from the ranks of specialist constructor, to major British manufacturer. By the end of the decade, and with new premises established at Hethel in Norfolk, Lotus were producing over 3000.

Lotus Type 66 First Look Recreation of a Stillborn CanAm Car

Lotus has just revealed a Type 66 for the modern era, bearing the same name as a car that was once proposed, but never built, to enter the 1970 Can-Am championship. A run of 10 cars will be.

Cobra vida el Lotus Type 66, el coche que nunca existió

Truly exotic in its design execution, the Type 66 is a new, ultra-exclusive, low-volume car that brings to life a "lost Lotus" drawing board program from the brand's world-renowned motorsport heritage, combining it with today's state-of-the-art racing technology and components.

New Lotus Type 66 limited edition retro race car debuts at Monterey Car Week Auto Express

The Type 66 has been launched in Lotus' 75th anniversary year and is testament to the brand's desire to reimagine the best elements of its heritage. Only 10 copies will be built, selling at about $1.2 million apiece. It's a production number selected to commemorate the number of races the Type 66 would have competed in during the 1970 season.

Lotus Type 66, el regreso de la fórmula CanAm setentera

By Garret Donahue Published Aug 18, 2023 A concept once thought to be lost in Lotus' racing history, has now finally been realized in the retro-inspired Type 66, limited to just 10 examples.

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想知道Type 66的來頭,我們得從五十年前談起。那時候致力稱霸F1的Colin Chapman要求蓮花「畫師」Geoff Ferris交出一個能夠在大海另一邊同樣稱霸Can-Am錦標賽的賽車設計。但蓮花F1車隊的大有斬獲卻意味Can-Am賽車的開發計劃最終只能停留在設計圖和模型階段,於是Type 66.

Lotus revives 1970 Type 66 project as limitededition track car

Lotus has taken the covers off a new track-only car called the Type 66, an extremely exclusive machine that will match modern GT3 race cars around some of the world's most famous circuits..

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The Lotus Type 66 Is a Modern-Day Can-Am Car A modern take on a Lotus designed for Can-Am racing but never built, the Type 66 has an 830-hp pushrod V-8 and should be as fast as a current.

Lotus reimagines the Type 66 CanAm car, 53 years after it was designed Hagerty Media

Lotus Debuts "Lost" Type 66 Track Car For Limited Production, Costs $1.3M Only 10 examples will be built, each with an 830-horsepower V8 engine. Aug 18, 2023 at 2:25pm ET By: Mark Webb.

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