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In a few words, the main difference between these two lies in their frames. The frame of the FXR is more rigid than that of the Dyna. Besides, FXR has a rear suspension setup called a "Rubber isolated system," and Dyna has a twin-shock rear suspension system. Additionally, there are some variations in their handling, performance, and engine.

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The Dyna chassis is known to be the best they make when it comes to handling, and powered comes from a 110 ci Twin Cam Screamin' Eagle motor at 116 ft/lb at 3,500 RPM. It combines upgraded suspension and power with minimal accessories, mid-mounted foot pegs, low handlebar, and SOA style mini fairing into a sporty package. Figure 2. Low Rider S.

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The Dyna is heavier, longer, and wider, but it is more comfortable, smoother, and has modern improvements like EFI. The FXR is just more fun to ride IMO. Other than that, it's a personal preference between having a 25-30 year old bike and a newish bike. GSXR450x • 22 FXLRST + FXRs • 7 yr. ago

FXR vs Dyna? Page 3 Harley Davidson Forums

Difference FXR and Dyna of same year? Jump to Latest Follow 70K views 44 replies 26 participants last post by Alan S Nov 16, 2021 04ctd Discussion starter 1381 posts · Joined 2005 #1 · Mar 2, 2009 wife looking at a 2000 FXR4. but she keeps asking me the difference between a FXR and a FXD. I don't know I know a --fxD is a Dyna --fxST is a Softail

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Compared to FXR, Dyna is a newer model of Harley Davidson motorbike. This model has a similar look to the FXR. So, this similarity confuses the people to know they are the same. But there are distinctions between these two models, especially their performances. Bike Weight The Harley FXR is a considerably heavy bike.

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Evo is the best engine HD ever made. The FXR frame is the best handling big twin of all time. My buddy keeps his 93 FXRS-SP and 07 FXDSE in my shop. The dyna will smoke the FXR straight line but that's it. An Evo can easily make 80 hp 80 torque at rear wheels with cam, mild port matching and cam. Just my opinion!

FXR vs Dyna? Page 3 Harley Davidson Forums

47.59 Horsepower We're back with another Thrashin Supply Bike Comparison! This time we go head to head with two of our favorites. The Harley Davison FXDX (Dyna) and the Harley Davidson FXR. These bikes are both over 20 years old and a go-to for everyone here at Thrashin. But what are the differences between these two bikes?

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The FXR and Dyna have so much in common and also a ton of differences between them, which include: 1. Years Available The first FXR was made in 1981 as a 1982 bike model. And in 1995, Harley stopped its FXR production because the frame was a tad expensive to manufacture. Then, the Dyna series replaced the FXR.

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The Harley Sturgis was named after the annual motorcycle rally held in Sturgis, South Dakota. Originally produced only two years, the FXB would re-appear in 1991 on the Dyna platform as the FXDB. ===== Harley FXR (1982-1994) Introduced in 1982, the Super Glide II (FXR) differed from the existing FX models in many ways.

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The stock FXR ratio 32/70 pulley puts you at 2.18 with the late models being at 2.03. this happy medium performs the best for the all around rider. Dyna (Early) The 99-05 Dyna next to the FXR is arguably one of the best Dynas on the road today. The Dyna models from 99-05 had a 32/70 final drive combo and so also a 25 tooth front comp pulley..


Difference Between Harley Dyna Models Explained By Sunny March 28, 2022 3 Mins Read The legacy of Dyna models started in 1991. These past two decades, they were considered to be the smoothest motorcycle model to hit the road ever. Their popularity escalated even more when it was featured on a crime tragedy television show "Sons of Anarchy" in 2008.

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#3 · May 6, 2014 The FXR has been touted as the best handling big twin ever produced. The frame and engine mounting is different (more rigid) than the Dyna. Some of the detractors claimed the exposed frame rails made the bike look too "Japanese", it was more costly to assemble at the factory than the Dyna.

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The FXR at 585lbs is 100lbs lighter than the Dyna, so therefor more nimble in the corners, accelerates faster given identical motors, and has a much more rigid frame construction than the FXD.

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Harley Fxr Vs Dyna. There are a few key differences between the Harley FXR and the Dyna. The FXR is a bit lighter and more nimble, while the Dyna is a bit heavier and more powerful. The FXR also has a bit more ground clearance, making it better suited for off-road riding. Overall, both bikes are great choices for riders who want a reliable and.

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The difference between the FXR and the DYNA is the frame quality and size. Harley has redesigned the existing FXR frame, modified it, and made the all-new for DYNA. FXR has a triangle shape that the DYNA does not have, which makes the frame less rigid. The lovely thing most bike lovers like about FXR motorcycles is the small frame size.

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