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Porsche might not be a traditional supercar manufacturer, but over the years the German marque has continually flexed its engineering muscles by creating some of the very best supercars ever conceived. The first could arguably be called the original everyday supercar - the 959 (1986).

is Britain's most popular supercar brand

Porsche 911 Carrera. Head says we should put the all-electric Taycan here for its electric reinvention of Porsche's brand values. But the 911 arguably is Porsche as far as most people are concerned and, while the latest 992 version isn't beyond criticism, it remains arguably the single most iconic German car on sale. And its bandwidth is huge.

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A supercar certainly isn't defined purely by power or speed; certain cars are blisteringly fast but don't warrant the supercar tag.. German premium brands Audi and Mercedes both have cars that.

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Binz Bitter (1971-present) Borgward (1924-1963; 2008-present) Brabus (1977-present) Carbodies Carlsson CityEl (1987-present) Citysax e.Go Elektron Motors (2021-present) Elia Gumpert (2004-present) Isdera (1983-present) Jetcar (2000-present) Keinath (1996-present) Lotec (1981-present) Mansory (1989-present) Maybach (1909-present)

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Italy is the home of supercar brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini, but it's important not to forget that Germany has also been a big contributor to the supercar segment. In fact, Germany.

Top 5 German Supercars CarBuzz

FEB 15 th 2022 Ethan Jupp The best German supercars ever made Germany and supercars are like Britain and hot weather. You don't so often associate the two but just as the sun burns you as badly in a Surrey beer garden as it does in Tenerife, so too have the Germans taken the Italians to supercar school on more than one occasion.

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List of all German Car Brands by Aleksei Titov Last Update: June 14, 2023 165594 German car manufacturers produce almost six million vehicles annually. It is the leading country in the European Union with a market share of 35.6%. Its automotive industry is highly competitive and innovative. Almost 800,000 employees are busy in this sphere.

15 Best Supercar Brands 2019 Top Supercar Brands to Know

5| Hennessey Performance Engineering. Photo by WIKIPEDIA. John Hennessey founded his company in Sealy, Texas in 1991 as a specialist in modifying sports and supercars. One of the company's first offerings, the Venom 650R, is one of the fastest road legal cars in the world.

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Some people consider the 300SL the original German supercar. With a powerful fuel-injection straight-six (the first of its kind for a production road car) and a pair of stunning swing-up doors,.

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1. BMW 3 Series Best for: handling and prestige The BMW 3 Series does so much, so well that it's a tricky car to fault. It handles superbly, for one thing, with direct steering, well-judged suspension and feelsome, progressive brakes.

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German supercars such as the Audi R8, BMW i8 and Porsche 911 lead the pack when it comes to budget friendly supercars. Leaving the ultra-expensive hypercars to other supercar manufacturers. Below we discuss everything to do with performance and luxury German cars. From reviews and road tests to buying guides and depreciation figures.

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Germany is home to some of the car industry's most underrated low-production supercars. Via Universal Pictures The German automotive industry has been world-leading since the invention of the automobile, with many of the world's biggest manufacturers calling it home.


Top teutonics: 10 best German car brands. Have no doubt: Germany makes some of the very best motor cars - if not the best - in the world. From everyday hatchbacks that dominate our roads such as Volkswagen's Up and Golf to some of the greatest sports cars ever made from Porsche, with the premium luxury models of Audi and Mercedes-Benz somewhere.

Gumpert Explosion German supercar brand back with 313kW fourcylinder

In 2021, German car brands claimed three World Car Awards, including the World Car of the Year (Volkswagen ID.4), the World Luxury Car (Mercedes-Benz S-Class), and the World Performance Car (Porsche 911 Turbo). Top German Car Brands: The Titans, Sleepers, And Has-Beens


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The C1000 was said to cost its owner $3.4 million, and its rumored top speed is 268mph, theoretically making it faster than contemporary supercars such as the Bugatti Veyron. The C1000 recently resurfaced at a dealership in North Carolina, USA, with an asking price of $350,000.

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