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MAKE YOUR MUSTANG A WAGON—IN 15 MINUTES. The transformation begins with a standard Mustang convertible like this one. No body work is required; just lower the top, remove the side trim from the.

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According to Intermeccanica's website, the company actually built the wagon in 1965: A Mustang Station Wagon prototype was built for the W. J. Thompson advertising agency. The car was presented as an idea car to Ford Motor Company. Jeff Pearce said the Intermeccanica car still exists, though it's "rusting away somewhere back East."

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May 3, 2016 It's an often-told story about the Mustang station wagon built in 1965, but spotting Gloria Hoskiko's white-with-blue-stripes G.T. 350 wagon at the Fabulous Fords Forever show at.

Ford Considered A Mustang Wagon Long Ago

Robert Cumberford, an independent designer who had worked for GM in the 1950s, hatched an idea for a Mustang wagon in cahoots with Barney Clark, an executive at Ford's ad agency (J. Walter Thompson), and Jim Licata, a car enthusiast friend.

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Did Ford make a Mustang station wagon? While the Ford Mustang station wagon seemed like a sound concept on paper, it never officially went into production. However, this idea made it onto the roads with at least one finished example. Robert Cumberford came up with the idea of the Mustang station wagon back in the mid-1960s.

Ford Mustang Wagon Prototype Station wagon cars, Ford mustang, Mustang

Ford's Mustang has been through some twists and turns over its storied history but it has mostly stayed true to its pony car origins. As of late, Ford is pushing further into the future with their planned Mustang Mach-E; two more doors, and a whole new power source under the hood. Logical move? We'll see.

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Russ Dixon In 1965, the Ford Mustang was the hottest new car going. In the first 18 months, the company sold more than 680,000 of them. Sport coupes, fastbacks, and convertibles - but not a single station wagon. That's because one never existed. At least not until now.

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GENE BUTERA Cumberford was already working with Frank Reisner of Intermeccanica in Turin, on the Griffith GT project (C/D, July '66) and Reisner was given the responsibility for executing.

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Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle The 1965 Mustang wasn't just a success, it was a phenomenon. In its first year of production, over half a million were sold and the next year would only improve sales. But something else was popular in the sixties. Something sinister. And it was only a matter of time before the two juggernauts collided.


In 1965, when the Mustang was still the talk of every town, designer Robert Cumberford asked friends Barney Clark and Jim Licata to help fund the development of a shooting brake-like Mustang.

Ford Considered A Mustang Wagon Long Ago

They chose a Mustang notchback to send over to Frank Reisner's Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica in Turin, Italy, in March 1965. It took Reisner almost a year to finish it. Basically what was added was a station wagon roof, a bottom-hinged tailgate, fully retractable rear windows, a relocated fuel filler, folding rear seats, and split.

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1966 Mustang station wagon. In the mid-1960s, Ford designers considered at least a couple of different concepts for a Mustang station wagon, with at least one running prototype based on a 1966 coupe getting built. Another design study included elements for refreshed models that were coming later that decade. All of the known Mustang wagons were.

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Did Ford Mustang ever make a station wagon? Yes, a 1965 Mustang station wagon did exist (well, sort of) and people have been making replicas ever since. It's an often-told story about the Mustang station wagon built in 1965, but spotting Gloria Hoskiko's white-with-blue-stripes G.T. What was the best station wagon of all time?

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Ford Mustang. He envisioned a two-door station wagon variant influenced by Chevrolet 's Nomad two-door wagon of the 1950s. While the idea never made it to production, one finished example did make it to the road. But where is it now? How the Ford Mustang Station Wagon was born The October 1966 issue of Car and Driver revealed the Mustang

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Ford never offered a Mustang station wagon. To solve this problem, different people and companies have created their own Mustang wagons with mixed success. This Mustang wagon currently.

UltraRare Ford Mustang Station Wagon Might Be the Best Muscle Car We Never Got

Back in the mid-1960s as Ford was riding high on the success of the Mustang, there was serious consideration within the halls of the Blue Oval to make a wagon or shooting brake version of the pony car. That might sound ridiculous now, however we have an all-electric SUV wearing the Mustang badge and name, so think about that for a moment.

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