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Since the beginning, the Transformers toys have been just as much fun as the movies, comics, and shows. But like most in things in life, you often get what you pay for. That's why the Transformers: Studio Series line is so freaking cool.. Not only are these guys actually scaled correctly (meaning Grimlock is rightly bigger than Prime, and Bumblebee, once again, is the little guy), they're.

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Wheeljack is one of the coolest Transformers for many reasons, including his iconic character design. As a Transformer, he's quite unique in appearance compared to his fellow Autobots. His signature design style is the cheek protrusions that light up when he speaks, which is something few Transformers have.

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19 Best Transformers Toys: The Ultimate List 19 Shares By Wesley Copeland Updated Nov 8, 2022 at 6:33am If you ask someone over the age of 35 about Transformers toys, there's a high chance you.

15 Best Transformers Characters (Not Including Optimus Prime Or Megatron)

Bumblebee (Transformers: The Last Knight) Last Knight Premier Edition Deluxe Bumblebee On Amazon See It Bumblebee has been a fan-favorite Transformer for years. He has become popular enough in.

BEST LOOKING versions of Transformers — TRANSFORMERS™ to Fight

With a laser for one of his hands, and a face that consists of a single 'eye', Shockwave was always one of the coolest looking Decepticons. His voice was creepy, and he was always in charge of guarding Cybertron for the Decepticons. Shockwave had a larger role in the Marvel comics, and was even leader of the Decepticons for a time. 8 Jazz

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Released in 1984, the original Transformers cartoon pitted the heroic Autobots against the evil Decepticons. The iconic series spanned three seasons (four if you count The Rebirth), featured a hit blockbuster movie, and helped launch one of the most successful toy lines in history. While.

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reReddit: Top posts of 2022. 159K subscribers in the transformers community. This is a family-friendly community for all things Transformers -- mostly the toys, but also the….

Robot scifi art artwork futuristic robot wallpaper 2560x1440

It can be yours for the low, low price of $24,000. 5. Recycled Robots. A group of Chinese farmers made this group of very cool Transformers sculptures built out of old used car parts. That's one.

BEST LOOKING versions of Transformers — TRANSFORMERS™ to Fight

18 LOOKS GOOD: BUMBLEBEE This may make G1 purists' heads explode, but here it is: the original Bumblebee design is pretty weak. Sure, transforming into a Volkswagen is pretty cute and charming, but as a robot, he is basically a forgettable face with some regrettable horns slapped onto him.

What's the COOLEST Transformer you have ever seen? Page 2 TFW2005

21. Arcee Paramount Even in the often-confusing world of "Transformers" continuity, Arcee's story makes for a pretty wild ride. She's popped up in many incarnations over the decades since her.

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Omega Supreme Transformation: Rocket base, tank, and space shuttle When all else fails, the Autobots rely on Omega Supreme to get the job done. This hulking warrior is one of the most powerful.

What's the COOLEST Transformer you have ever seen? Page 2 TFW2005

15 Best Transformers Series, Ranked.. Fans looking for a Transformers series that Optimus Prime and the Autobots don't necessarily headline may appreciate Combiner Wars.

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12 Ironhide. Ironhide is the resident weapons specialist of the Autobots, and he is more than happy to prove why he is to anybody who asks. His arsenal of heavy weaponry has turned the tide in many battles for the Autobots, and facing him head-on is not recommended to anybody who wishes to remain bullet-free.

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Taking all these criteria into account, here is your indisputable hierarchy of Transformers movies. 7. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) In some ways, Revenge of the Fallen feels like it.

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The introduction of the Dinobots threw such a cool spanner into the Transformers universe - instead of having alt modes designed for subterfuge, these five mighty warriors transformed into the.

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