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The Cessna Citation Mustang (Model 510) was a Very Light Jet (VLJ) designed to compete with the then new breed of VLJs from Piper, Embraer, and Eclipse Aviation. In standard configuration it has four passenger seats in the aft cabin, a toilet and seating for two in the cockpit.

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The Cessna Citation Mustang is a very light jet that was built by Cessna . Launched at the 2002 NBAA convention, the Model 510 first flew on April 23, 2005. It received its FAA type certification on September 8, 2006, and was first delivered on November 22. Production ended in 2017 after 479 aircraft were built.

Cessna Citation Mustang UNIJET

‍ The Cessna Citation Mustang is an agile, entry-level single-pilot favorite among pilots. This is a comprehensive guide to the Mustang if you are in the market. A pre-owned Cessna Citation Mustang averages between $1 million and $1.5 million depending on its age and condition.

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Citation Mustang, CE-510. Time to Climb/Alt. 20/370. Engine Out Rate fpm. 432. FAR 25 Engine-Out Grad (ft/nm) 267. Ceilings (ft) Citation Mustang, CE-510.

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Volume: 63 cu ft Cessna Citation Mustang Performance Specifications: Cessna Citation Mustang Maximum Cruise Speed: 340 ktas

Citation Mustang for Sale

The Mustang may be flown by a crew of one or two aircraft, seating between four and five passengers hinging on how many pilots are on the flight deck. The Citation Mustang's structural and aerodynamic configuration draws inspiration from previous light Citation line members.

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The new Citation M2 demonstrates that seriously good things happen when you can do both. The story starts back to 2009—only two years after the first customer delivery of the Citation Mustang at a time when hype over the VLJ market was winding down. That was the year that Cessna first encountered stiff competition from the entry-level Phenom 100.

Cessna Citation Mustang Desert Jet

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Performance Rate of Climb: 3010 fpm Climb Rate One Engine Inop: 870 fpm Max Speed: 340 kts Normal Cruise: 340 kts Economy Cruise: 319 kts

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Today, the Cessna Citation Mustang is one of the most famous private jets on the market today. For the most part, this is due to its use in popular media - when a private jet is used, it's often a Citation Mustang, but it's also due to how well it sold…. Between 2006 and 2017, Cessna produced a total of 479 Citation Mustangs, making the.

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The Citation Mustang jet is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F engines, while in the cockpit it utilizes a Garmin G1000 flight panel certified for single pilot operation. Cessna stopped producing the Mustang in 2017 and instead focussed on Citation M2 production.

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Citation Mustang Personal-size performance January 1, 2022 By Thomas A. Horne Cessna's Citation Mustang may be the smallest jet Cessna ever built, but it's a jet just the same, and it remains a popular step-up airplane. Aerial photography of the Cessna Mustang southeast of Wichita.Wichita KS, USAhttp://mikefizer.comImage #: 07-559_246.CR2

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The Mustang is capable of carrying 4 passengers with a NBAA IFR range of 963 nm and max cruise speed of 319 knots. The Mustang is equipped up front with the G1000 avionics suite, and with average operating cost of $1,015 per hour, the Citation Mustang can carry up to 5 passengers and a pilot in its pressurized cabin.

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The Citation Mustang has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 1381 miles and a maximum speed of 483 mph. Common names and abbreviations: CE-510, Mustang, Citation Mustang, CE510. Compare flight times and performance of the Citation Mustang with other jet types

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The cost to charter a Cessna CE-510 Citation Mustang starts at around $3,000 an hour *. The CE-510 charter jet is popular for both quick business trips or luxurious getaways.

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The Mustang adheres to Citation's promise of performance, efficiency and style. It can cruise at speeds as fast as 340 knots true airspeed. At sea level the Mustang can take off in just 3,110 feet. Following take off, the jet can climb swiftly to 41,000 feet and continue to fly for the duration of a 1,150 nautical mile-long trip, carrying a.

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