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MultiAir brick lost its oil prime. Remove oil fill port. Look inside, and there is a piece of cylinder head with a stainless steel ball bearing in it. You will need to press this ball bearing down while someone cranks the engine over until oil comes streaming out of it under pressure.

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2020 Giulia will not start. I have a 2020 Giulia brand new with 500 miles. So, yesterday I took my car to get gas. I filled the car up, then could not get it to start. The car would not even turn over. Key fobs did not work, lock/unlock light was not illuminated. Called a tow truck to jump the car, nothing.

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A few days ago, stopped at a light, car turned off. The auto start was engaged, but car did not start back up. Was able to turn it off completely and after a try or two, it restarted. Got it home but now when I press start, the seat moves forward, gauges swing, radio goes on, check engine light.

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1972 posts · Joined 2018. #13 · Jul 5, 2020. I could be wrong but holding start button for more than 10 seconds should switch ignition off. otherwise just unplug negative battery cable in trunk - nothing bad will happen. could be just software glitch. Alfa Romeo - making drivers into mechanics since 1910.

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There could be several reasons why your Alfa Romeo Giulia won't start. The most common reasons include a dead battery, weak battery, corroded battery terminals, low fuel pressure, clogged fuel filter, faulty fuel pump, faulty spark plugs, failed ignition coil, malfunctioning starter motor, timing belt/chain issues, failed sensor(s), or mechanical failure such as a seized engine.

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I already know that there is another thread but it is already 10 pages in and hard to follow, so I am starting a new one. I just recently bought a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti with only 20k miles from a close friend of mine.

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1. Weak Battery. If your Giulia's engine won't crank or cranks very slowly, then the most likely culprit is weak or dead 12v battery. Investigating more closely and doing a battery voltage test will clarify whether the starting problem is due to the battery. A test can be done to measure the voltage between the battery poles, check the acid.

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The battery is a bad battery. Since everything is fine till you hit the start button it shows that the starter relay is closing, putting a HEAVY load on a depleated battery..The jumper connections gannot handle the load either. Take the battery out get it charged or replace it. The car itself is fine.

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Won't start suddenly…. Hello, I have a 17 Giulia. Just took it in for a hood latch problem a week ago and got it back today. On the way home from the dealership I stopped by the store to grocery shop…. Came out after shopping, unlocked the car with the fob and loaded up everything. Hopped in and pressed the start once, everything came on.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 Turbo Diesel AT8 Super Ensaio Teste Automais

74 posts · Joined 2019. #25 · Sep 1, 2019. My used 2017 Giulia had a low battery warning from sitting on the lot for 143 days. The start/stop has never worked. Everything else works just fine and I'm sure when it comes time for a new battery it will work again but I don't look forward to it functioning again.

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My Giulia appears to be having some starting problems. The lights and pre-ignition all works but the starter motor won't engage. Eventually, after a lots of random tries in a row, it fires into life. Stop-start has never worked properly and it's had two new genuine Alfa batteries under warranty.

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If it's really low, jump starting won't work (unless you connect jumpstarter for 15 minutes or so beforehand to allow battery to take some charge) I would simply try charging battery with your ctek when it arrives, and if that fixes it, check to make sure nothing in the car stays on, draining battery.

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2020 Giulia won't start. Brand new 2020 Giulia, 500 miles. I stopped to get gas and the car won't start. It doesn't turn over. Battery is fine, voltage across the terminals is 12.5 V. Key fob does not work, will NOT lock/unlock car. Spare key fob does not work.

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Hello forum gurus. I need help. After a rain shower two weeks ago my giulia 2017 2.0 won't start. I have changed all the relays. Both starter relays. Doesn't help. At first it would turn on occasionally with a lot of errors.. But now it won't turn on at all. The OBD2 codes come out with.

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A bunch of people seem to have gotten bad batteries. The classic cause of a dead battery is an interior light left on. I do not know if that is possible in Giulia as I think all of the lights are time limited when the car is not turned on.

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