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Members of the U.S. Air Force's 44th Aircraft Maintenance Unit prepare to rearm an F-15C Eagle during an Agile Combat Employment exercise Feb. 21, 2020, at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma,.

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Dec. 14, 2021 | By Greg Hadley The Air Force announced the release of its first doctrine publication on agile combat employment Dec. 14, laying out its core frameworks and concepts as the service looks to codify and develop the new operational approach.

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Advancing Combat Support to Sustain Agile Combat Employment Concepts Integrating Global, Theater, and Unit Capabilities to Improve Support to a High-End Fight by James A. Leftwich, Katherine C. Hastings, Vikram Kilambi, Kristin F. Lynch, Shannon Prier, Ronald G. McGarvey Related Topics: China, Military Command and Control, Military Logistics,

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The concept is defined as "a proactive and reactive operational scheme of maneuver executed within threat timelines to increase survivability while generating combat power throughout the integrated deterrence continuum."

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The research reported here was commissioned by the U.S. Air Force and conducted within the Resource Management Program of RAND Project AIR FORCE as part of a fiscal year 2017 project titled "Agile Combat Support (ACS) for Adaptive Basing."

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AFDP 4-0, Combat Support; AFDP 4-02, Health Services; AFDN 1-21, Agile Combat Employment; Doctrine Primer; Chennault; SmartBook;. Agile Combat Employment. Download Full Doctrine Note Summary of Revisions. Last Published 23 August 2022. ACE Concepts from AFDN 1-21. Visualizing the ACE Concept.

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The Air Force has spent more time refining a concept known as Agile Combat Employment, which pairs bases like Anderson, or hubs, with remote airfields, called spokes. To support operations at.

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In an era of rapid global shifts and evolving near-peer adversaries, the United States Air Force has embraced an operational concept known as Agile Combat Employment (ACE). This innovative approach emphasizes flexibility, adaptability, and the effective utilization of Multi-Capable Airmen (MCA) to enhance air power.

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Within the past two years, AFGSC has developed and fine-tuned a concept called Bomber Agile Combat Employment which has supported the command's Dynamic Force Employment efforts, expanded the number of bases from which the Air Force can generate combat sorties and leveraged networks of pre-positioned Airmen and equipment to rapidly deploy at a.

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The reclamation project is part of the US military's Agile Combat Employment (ACE) strategy, which an Air Force doctrine document says "shifts operations from centralized physical.

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Introduction The concept of Agile Combat Employment (ACE) may not be entirely new nor radical, but the complexities of modern warfare necessitate a number of modifications resulting in a more nuanced and innovative approach. Defined by the USAF's Doctrine Note 1-21 as a 'proactive and reactive operational scheme of manoeuvre executed within threat timelines to

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To counter this emerging threat, the Air Force introduced Agile Combat Employment as a method to rapidly deploy across dispersed operating locations within a theater without sacrificing combat capability. When employed, ACE enables Airmen to conduct operations faster and at higher levels of complexity, all from distributed locations.

Agile Combat Employment A leaner, meaner force > Pacific Air Forces

The Agile Combat Employment concept relies on foreign country access and infrastructure to generate airpower. Yet numerous factors complicate site-selection decisions including peer- to- peer threats, complex geopolitics, and resource requirements. Multicriteria decision analysis can

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DEFINITIONS OF KEY TERMS Agile: Able to outpace adversary action through movement and maneuver to achieve commander's intent. Agile Combat Employment: A proactive and reactive operational scheme of maneuver executed within threat timelines to increase resiliency and survivability while generating combat power.

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This year's theme was: Moving from Experimentation to Execution, and specifically looked at how to effectively execute Agile Combat Employment (ACE). Experimentation The ACE concept shifts operations from centralized bases to a hub and spoke network of smaller, dispersed clusters of locations.

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The United States Air Force is using the term agile combat employment (ACE) to describe a way of operating that relies less on large traditional main overseas bases as hubs for projecting combat power and more on launching, recovering, and maintaining, Wild Blue Yonder (ISSN 2689-6478) online journal is a forum focused on airpower thought and dialogue.

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