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Rule 4 is an industry-standard deduction made on winnings from horse and greyhound races. It comes into operation when an entrant is withdrawn from a race after the final declarations have been made and someone has already taken a price on that race.

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For his return, Johnson and his BMF Racing tabbed John Setzer of Setzer Race Cars to build the Camaro brand-new from the ground up, utilizing a factory steel roof and quarter panels. The car, known as "Lucky Luciano," is powered by a 11.7-inch deck height, 4.840-inch bore space big-block, measuring 765 cubic inches, built by TRE Racing.

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What is Rule 4? Rule 4 is part of the Tattersalls Committee rules of betting on horseracing and compensates a bookmaker following the withdrawal of a horse in a race.

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TRE Debuts Brand New LDR 4.840 Killer Read Time: 2 mins Created: March 01, 2021 Hits: 8462 Our Duck week No Mercy race recap. Our new LDR car got done in the TRE chassis shop Monday and then the chassis paint was complete at 4:00 PM Monday (February 22, 2021).


#1 · Apr 14, 2013 The Renegade Out Laws Head to Motor Mile April 20th. These are the baddest 4.84 bore space motors on the planet. Limited to just one system of nitrous, these cars really know how to lay down a number!!! The Motor Mile Series will kick off this coming Saturday. Gates open at 9:30am with Shake downs from 11:30 to 1:30.

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the rear of the car (Q11.3 4.4. ). (J) Vehicles. Date of implementation: Immediate . J4.1.3. Certain types of competition have special requirements which will appear in SRs (Subject to approval by Motorsport UK) (see U.17.25 to 17.28 for Kart Numbers and Q11.4.5. for Circuit Racing). J5.2.7. Aerodynamic devices may only be fitted to Racing and.

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The 4.84 MAX platform is specifically designed for classes requiring a stock bore spacing Maximum power with nitrous oxide. Only available from Wilkins Racing Engines. Benefits include the ability to remove the cylinder heads without removal of the intake manifold.

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Eligible Cars 4.1 Eligible drivers 10.1.1 End of season Prize Giving 6.6 Engine alone and unaided 33.11 Engine change 40 Engine, off 36.8 Entertainment Tax liability 6.8 Entry Fees 11.3 Equipment in the working area 34.19 Event format 41.4 F fast lane open 34.15 Fines 16.5.3 Finish 48.1 free practice 41.4 Fuel supplier 35.1 G

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Rule 4 Deductions Explained Justin Legg 29 Jul 2019 Updated: 24 Feb 2023 You may have heard or seen the term Rule 4 mentioned, either whilst watching horse racing on television or whilst reading through the horse racing category on the forum if you are a PA member. What is Rule 4 though and how does it affect both betting and matched betting?

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What is a Rule 4? To put it simply a Rule 4 is a deduction that is made to all winning bets that were placed before a non runner was declared in a race and is only relevant to non runners of a certain price.

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What Is Rule 4 In Horse Racing? Rule 4 is a deduction which is applied to bets when a non-runner is declared in a horse or greyhound race after the final declarations have been made. It is an industry-wide rule which is standard across all bookmakers and so you don't have to worry about it varying between bookies.

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Motorsport UK regulations are designed to ensure safety and fair play across four-wheel UK motorsport. These regulations are detailed in the Motorsport UK Yearbook, commonly known as the Blue Book. Download the app to access the Motorsport UK Yearbook on your mobile or tablet:. All regulations proposed by the Specialist Committees come before the Rules Committee for debate and ratification.

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When a Rule 4 deduction is mentioned it is really referring to Rule 4 (C) as that is the bit that affects the return on your bet. All of the Tattersalls Committee Rules of racing can be found here including the full Rule 4 explanation. Basically, Rule 4 (C) is a deduction made on a horse when another horse in the race is declared a non-runner.

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PART 4, OTHER REQUIREMENTS WHEN RACING. Part 4 rules are split into two sections: Section A for general requirements when racing and Section B for equipment related requirements.. As a consequence of deleting rule 84, Part 7 now starts with RRS 85. RRS 84, Governing rules. This rule is deleted. The substance of the rule is now RRS 5.

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If you are interested in british horse racing rules, you should visit this webpage to find the official rules and guides from the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). You can learn about the regulation, welfare, safety and integrity of the sport, as well as the latest updates and changes to the rules of racing.

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CONTENTS Race Signals Inside front cover Online Rules Documents 4 Introduction 5 Definitions 7 Basic Principles 11 Part 1 Fundamental Rules 11 Part 2 When Boats Meet 14 Part 3 Conduct of a Race 21 Part 4 Other Requirements When Racing 26 Part 5 Protests, Redress, Hearings, Misconduct and Appeals 34 Part 6 Entry and Qualification 50.

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