1947 Norman Timbs Special Was The Epidemy Of 40s Glamour Gearedtoyou

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Lost to Malibu Wildfires. In November of 2018 the Norman Timbs Special, and 30 plus other cars, including Dave Cunningham's 1940 Ford, Lee Talbot and Sam Chakries' 1953 Studebaker Pick Up, and Ray Goulart's 1950 Oldsmobile were lost to the Malibu wildfires as Gary Cerveny 's collection burned down to the ground. [12]

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The vehicles in Cerveny's Malibu collection aside from the Timbs Special were quite eclectic. Ranging from a 1997 Dodge Viper to a 1950 Chrysler Woodie Wagon to a 1-of-26 1953 Hudson Italia. The story behind the Norman Timbs special starts Timb's an Indy 500 winning engineer, wanting to create a rear-engined gorgeous piece of fast art.

Restoration of the Bizarre But Beautiful 1947 Norman Timbs Special

One of the most significant and imaginative of postwar customs, the streamlined 1948 Norman Timbs Special, has been destroyed in the devastating Woolsey Fire near Malibu, one of the three deadly wildfires wreaking havoc in California. The Timbs Special, well-known for its swooping mid-engine styling, was destroyed over the weekend along with.

Norman Timbs Special 1947 Product Development With A View

The Norman Timbs Special Streamlined was a 1 of 1 vehicle made in the 1940s. This was destroyed, as well as a car collection that added up to about 30 others.

1947 Norman Timbs Special Was The Epidemy Of 40s Glamour Gearedtoyou

Vlad Radu. About eight decades ago, a talented engineer based in Los Angeles, California, decided to make his wildest dream come true by building a car from the ground up in his spare time. The.

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The Norman Timbs Special, born from the creative genius of Indy 500 engineer Norman Timbs, stands as a distinctive relic from the golden era of automotive design. With a unique low-slung profile, measuring 47 inches in height and 17 feet in length, and a mid-engine Buick straight-eight, it blends aesthetics and aerodynamics. Costing $10,000 to build, this lightweight aluminum-clad masterpiece.

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The entire car consists of only two pieces; the front and the back. This is the 1947 Norman Timbs Special. Designed by mechanical engineer Norm Timbs. It is smooth streamlined two seater. Timbs designed the car on paper, went to quarter-sized clay models and finally a wood buck was built upon which the aluminum body panels were constructed.

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1947 Norman Timbs SpecialNorman Timbs (American, 1917-1993), designerAttributed to Emil Diedt, fabricatorCourtesy of Cerveny Family Collection, Malibu, Calif.

Norman Timbs Special 1947 Product Development With A View

1948 Norman Timbs Special. One of the more elegant, streamlined, and swooping custom cars ever created was the Norman Timbs Special - a project that would take over three years to complete. Timbs was an automotive engineer who had worked with Preston Tucker on the Tucker Automobiles. Later, he built several Indy Racing Specials.

Restoration of the Bizarre But Beautiful 1947 Norman Timbs Special

With the help of Indy car builder Emil Diedt and with $10,000 of his own money (which would be well over $95,000 in today's dollars), Timbs created the 1948 Norman Timbs Special. And it looked only mildly insane. RELATED: THIS CLASSIC BERTONE PORSCHE 911 ROADSTER IS SLICK. To start, the entire car seemed to be built backward.

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The dramatic streamliner was created in the 1940s by mechanical engineer Norman Timbs, according to Conceptcarz.com. The elegant, swooping custom car took over three years to build, then.

Restoration of the Bizarre But Beautiful 1947 Norman Timbs Special

This car was destroyed in the 2018 Malibu fires in California! Norman Timbs, was a Los Angeles-based mechanical auto engineer with previous Indy 500 car building experience. He built this one-off streamliner in the 1940s at a cost of approximately $10,000. It is said that the design was inspired by the mid-engined Auto Union racers of the 1930s.

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The Norman Timbs Special, a one-off, homebuilt streamliner dreamed up by one of the minds behind the famous Tucker 48, proved a fitting centerpiece for such an eclectic group. In the late 1940's.

Norman Timbs Special 1947 Product Development With A View

1947 Special. It took Timbs over three years and $10,000 to design and build the Buick Special Streamliner, starting with drawing table designs. When finished, the car would feature a low, cab-forward design, rare at the time. The body would be edge-free, with smooth lines like an aircraft. He would put the engine in the middle, just behind the.

Famed Timbs Special custom streamliner lost in Malibu blaze

The final price was a meager $17,600. The 17-foot-10-inch Special was inspired by Auto Union streamliners, conceived by Indy racecar engineer Norman E. Timbs, and welded by Emil Diedt, The two.

1947 Norman Timbs Special

By Jake Lingeman Published: Nov 12, 2018. Gary Cerveny, a noted car collector and enthusiast with a shop in Malibu, California -- highlighted in a Hot Rod article from a few years ago.

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